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Tiktok Video Ideas

Ever since Tik Tok was launched back in September 2016, it has had billions on downloads from billions of users. Gradually it has become one of the largest social media networks surpassing even Snapchat and Twitter. With numbers like that, there’s high competition from businesses, young people looking for followers, plus just the urge of staying trendy.

TikTok offers a wide network for video creativity. Lots of great ideas like hashtag challenges, song and lyrics imitations, animated films, and snippets. All these video ideas can help you gain more followers as well as enjoy the social life. Read more about these amazing TikTok video ideas below.

TikTok Video Ideas

To start off, here are a few common ideas you can use to gain followers;

Create a Branded Hashtag Challenge

Similar to other social media platforms, hashtags are a mainstay for searching and sorting content. This is why it’s the number one video idea everyone should use. For many of these hashtags, people are encouraged to become creative and follow a certain theme as part of the trend.

There are numerous challenges that have been going around including the #Guacdance, which symbolizes the national avocado day, one of the latest challenges #dontrushchallenge and the #sunglasschallenge. All these branded hashtags are just a way to stay connected with the people and what better way than to be a part of something bigger.

Create a Tutorial

TikTok videos run for five to 60 seconds. Within that time, you can create a tutorial around something to teach people about something faster and better than you would otherwise have had to. Main topics on tutorials can be;

  • Beauty tips
  • Fitness tips
  • Cooking lessons
  • Financial teachings
  • Curriculum-based teaching

All these tutorials are a great way to gain followers because not only are you indulging with the largest population of young people and the youth, more specifically, you can use the platform as a marketing platform.

Besides, it’s much simpler to create content on TikTok than many other platforms because of its user-friendly interface. Hence, if you can show people your skills, then use that to your advantage.

Do Song Imitations

Another great idea is to get musical. You can never go wrong with lip-syncing. Simply look for a trending song on TikTok and do a cover in the same. The audience will be intrigued.

Participate in Dance Videos/ Challenges

As you shall see on TikTok, many challenges involve dancing. Probably because it the most versatile of them all and anyone can be a part of it. And because the videos are short, they can be really interesting to watch as people make a fool of themselves.

Get Creative with Stories

If there something as intriguing as dancing is listening to stories. Entertainment entails using fresh content that’s well thought of to capture your audience. What better way to do that than to indulge people in short funny stories. Add your own little twist to them and that’s it.

Try Animated Content

The best thing about animated content is that it can be anything. From spoons talking to trains singing, or cute pets dancing all these video Ideas easily get views because of items, not something you see daily. Furthermore, animated content isn’t like a cartoon, you will see even older people watching this content since it meant to entertain everyone and not just kids.

tiktok App
tiktok App


Well, social media has always been a controversial subject for many parents. You can literally find all sorts of things online which can elevate harmful to your kids, but that doesn’t disqualify you from using the platform. Kids too can indulge in some fun. Here’s how.

Costume Challenges

For many kids, being part of their favorite cartoon character one of the best feelings ever. If they can live in the life of their best superhero even for just 60 seconds, that’s enough. What’s more, people love seeing kids being a part of social media stunts.

Growth Challenges

We all know that kids grow at different paces. A meek one year old can surprise be the best kid drummer you’ll ever know and TikTok TikTok you to see such videos. In this fah and age, anything is posted online. From how the kids talk or go about their day to day lives. And especially for children born in the spotlight, their lives are ever worth watching because there where you see a three-month-old swimming, bizarre right?


Tiktok is not all about fun and plays, it’s educational as well. For teachers, this is a great platform to share informative and educational text with people all over the world. By simply making easy to digest videos you will be amazed at how many followers you will gain.

The best thing to do is to generate tutorials around hot topics. Get people interested in teaching them new concepts every day. Maybe add some animation to the mix, easy formulas, quick DIYs, among other things. A majority of topics teachers can use to teach people to include;

  • Maths and calculus
  • Biology
  • Self-development and awareness
  • Finance and economics
  • Accounting and tax
  • Religious lessons – especially during holy seasons Luke Ramadan, lent, and advent.

All these ideas can be used by teachers to get people knowledgeable about certain topics besides the in classroom subjects. One of the best things that this video idea has is that it can easily allow for teachers to build relationships with their teachers outside the classroom. This will, therefore, improve the students learning experience.


Tiktok has been one of the largest platforms since its introduction mostly because of its youth-based. Guys between the ages of 18 to 30 use this platform to build a social existence. For many of them, however, there’s a lot of competition for views and followers. So unless you’re bringing something juicy to the table, you’re better off without the platform.

Nonetheless, here are two video ideas to keep you trending.

Video Tutorials

Every day, people look forward to learning something new or following a new path. Whether its fitness, a new vegan diet, hair tips, or more. If you can offer some light on either of these hot topics, then start off there. Use those 60 seconds of fame to teach people something new like a look at your diet table, recipes, and much more. Keep your followers excited and intrigued by your content.

Trendy/ Impromptu Videos

Social media is like hellfire, every day there’s something new being discussed online from a new trendy outfit to new ways of doing things. Be a part of the crowd by taking part in the latest trendy videos and before you know it people will be looking for content on your page.


Nothing spells family togetherness like taking part in something social media. As with TikTok,  there are numerous ways you can indulge yourself in it as a family including taking part in challenges, face-offs among many other things. Here are a few video ideas you can use for your family fun day.

Family Challenges

You have probably heard of numerous family challenges like the renegade challenge where you can indulge in dancing for the whole family, the level up challenge where you boast your pet and their skills, and the real-life at home challenge where you show people what’s it’s like to be a part of that family. Seeing that every family has its own way of doing things, many people will be interested in what this.

Parents Vs Children Questionnaire

You’ve probably seen people go ham on parents’ questionnaires where children answer questions based on what they think about their parents. For example, who’s a better cook? Who’s easier to talk to? Who’s more strict? Who’s more organized? This has s become a very common thing seeing as people enjoy making fun of their parents and their parenting habits.

Besides, this option is also available for couples where you’re asked to answer questions about the other person or collectively. For example, who said I love you first? Who sleeps first? Who’s more tidy/ organized? Plus many more.


For many businesses, social media marketing had become a huge marketing strategy as a way of building brand awareness or leading sales and revenue. As such using TikTok is no exception. For these businesses, however, you have to approach this platform with a solid idea of how you’ll attract followers and convert them into clients. Here are three ways you can do that. 

Partner with an Influencer

Tiktok is best known for creating content and for businesses to break through to people, using a common famous figure is the best way how. Look at how the business does giveaways using celebrities who not only inform people about the brand, but they try to increase a market base.

Using an influence on your videos can easily encourage followers from the influencer’s page to start following you as well, with the hope of them seeking content from the influencer. Whether it’s a campaign, a tutorial, or simply an education video, using someone who resonates with your target audience is the number one idea for using TikTok for business.

Brand Sneak Peeks

The best way to get followers, clients, and customers is by including them in your day to day life. While TikTok isn’t like YouTube YouTube allows for long hours of videos, in 30 minutes, you can easily show people what’s it’s like to be apart of that brand.

A good idea is a bank. Shoot videos – anime or real explaining the products offered by the business and why it’s essential for people. This way it’s more educational than sales. People will be more inclined to follow you if they don’t thinner you’re after them or their money.

Hashtag Challenge

Last, but not least is the hashtag challenge. You can never go wrong with a hashtag challenge since you are pushing for a common theme. The first thing you can do is to create a branded hashtag that will bring about brand awareness. Then invite people to be apart of the hashtag.

It’s like a revolutionary movement where you encourage people to be a part of your business without necessarily buying into the business. It could be a free campaign, a promotional giveaway, or simply a package.